COBRA made simple

COBRA was passed in the 80's, but the experience for Brokers, Employers & Employees doesn't have to feel stuck in the past.

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Modern, transparent COBRA administration.

Anuvi delivers the most seamless & compliant (DoL & HIPAA) experience in the industry.

Keep track of enrollment status, payment status, and carrier reinstatement status.

Set & forget it automation and dedicated support

Leverage our dedicated account management team and our real-time reporting platform to stay informed, avoid time-consuming COBRA issues, and protect your brand.


Mobile-first enrollments and payments interfaces.

Qualified beneficiaries can manage their entire COBRA enrollment from their phone, including enrollment, and premium payments.


COBRA compliance is our number one priority.

Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest COBRA regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant and avoids costly penalties.


A transparent and user-friendly COBRA experience for QBs.

We provide convenient registration packets prior to termination, decision support, and notifications at key times throughout COBRA eligibility and enrollment.

Simple fees

No monthly minimums or implementation fees

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Frequently asked questions

    • Does Anuvi integrate with my existing systems?

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      Yes. Anuvi is integrated with major HRIS and benefits admin systems, including Employee Navigator and Ease.

    • Is Anuvi HIPAA compliant?

      Yes. Anuvi is HIPAA compliant, and uses industry-leading third-party tools to ensure ongoing compliance and security.

    • When do employees receive election notices?

      Election notices are delivered electronically the day after a qualifying event, i.e. termination.

    • How does carrier reinstatement work?

      We provide several options for carrier reinstatement, and will work with you to determine the best option for your business and current integrations. Contact us to learn more.

    • Does Anuvi offer other services such as HSA/FSA?

      No. COBRA is our only focus, allowing us to deliver the most seamless & compliant (DoL & HIPAA) experience in the industry.

    • How do I manage employer subsidies?

      Anuvi provides first class support for employer subsidies. Subsidies can be configured, and rate change notices will be automatically sent to participants on subsidy expiration.